Now, technology companies can safely acquire licenses under high-impact patents, at fixed reasonable prices.

What We Do

SynPat sells patent licenses on a portfolio basis, at fixed prices.

Open for operating companies only, SynPat’s license store licenses from a large catalog of patent portfolios, at prices that are similar for all customers regardless of their size, exposure or any other factor.

We offer two types of licenses:
  • Defensive licenses: standard non-exclusive licenses.
  • Strategic licenses: allow a customer to license a designated third party.

Our customers – operating companies only – browse the store catalog and buy the licenses to the patent portfolios they want.

Visit our license store and find the licenses that fit your needs.


How We Do It

To ensure that our vendors from whom we acquire the patents are fairly rewarded, SynPat pays an agreed upfront cash price, plus 1/3 of all SynPat’s future sales of licenses under the acquired portfolio.

To ensure that only patents desired by our customers enter the store, and that our customers gain access to licenses at the most affordable prices, SynPat crowdfunds its acquisitions: allowing its “early bird” customers to equally share the seller’s upfront cash price. In exchange, each participant receives a non-exclusive license under the acquired patent portfolio, plus an equal share in 1/3 of all SynPat’s future sales of licenses under that portfolio.




    Patent owner sells a portfolio to SynPat in exchange for an agreed price and a revenue share.


    Early customers participate in funding the acquisition in exchange for a license and a revenue share.


    All SynPat’s revenues from later customers are equally split among the seller, funding customers, and SynPat.

Who we are

We revolutionize the patent warzone by transforming licenses from custom made creations into commodities, thereby facilitating a practical marketplace for both patent owners and licensees to achieve their goals.