We are here to help technology companies to be fairly rewarded for their inventions and to be given fair opportunities to acquire desirable licenses.


We created the Open Licensing Program to provide a practical solution to high-risk problems. By offering licenses as commodities, we enabled patent owners to utilize the full earning potential of their patents, safely and quickly, and allows operating companies to obtain licenses to high-quality, high-impact patents on fair and reasonable terms. We did so in a way that fully aligns the interests of the community we serve – operating companies selling patents or buying licenses - with ours at all times.


Innovation enhances consumer welfare

Innovation is responsible for new products and services that improve lives and address unmet needs, and is essential to sustain economic growth and global competition. It involves a series of steps from idea to commercialization, each of which can be expensive, risky and unpredictable.

Patents Promote innovation

To mitigate the risk involved in the innovation process, patents help innovators to recoup their investment in research and development by excluding others from making, using or selling a patented invention for 20 years.

The Patent System

The patent system is based on the balanced Notice and Remedies mechanism. While the Notice protects competitors’ interest, requiring patentees to inform the public of what technology is protected, the Remediesawards patentees with damages and injunctions following a court finding of patent infringement.

The System’s Inefficiencies

Unfortunately, both the Notice and the Remedies mechanisms are ineffective. Operating companies end up infringing many patents, while patentees' fair reward is obtained only through lengthy and expensive litigation. These problems are far more severe in high technology industries where open innovation is a common practice.

Fixing the System

In open innovation industries where firms develop technologies and products that incorporate ideas originated by others, easy access to licenses is essential for social growth. SynPat was created for operating companies of all sizes who respect the intellectual property rights of others. We believe that such companies should be given a fair opportunity to acquire licenses to patents that legitimately cover their activities – on reasonable terms.

Open Licensing Community

The Open Licensing Program provides technology companies with a unique platform they can use not only to simply and efficiently monetize their own patents in a safe environment, but also to acquire licenses and expand their freedom of operation, under fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory terms.

Best Practice Solution

Realizing that an aggregation model could prevent our interests from aligning with the community we serve - operating companies selling patents or buying licenses, we created a the Open Licensing Program, which not only provides solutions to high-risk problems, but also puts us and our clients on the same side of the table at all times. Our revenues come neither from transaction arbitrage nor from membership or subscriptions fees of any kind. Rather, they are uniquely aligned with both the sellers and the participating licensees.